The Modular Approach

The Modular Approach for Dermatologists

The PsA Assessment Academy gathered to discuss the assessment and diagnosis of psoriatic arthritis (PsA) based upon the available evidence. They recommended modular approaches for patients presenting to either a rheumatology or dermatology unit with an aim to:

  • Optimise initial assessment and monitoring of PsA

  • Improve coordination between rheumatology and dermatology services


Below is the recommended modular approach for dermatology clinics that builds upon existing guidelines issued by:

  • British Society of Rheumatologists (BSR)

  • Group for Research and Assessment of Psoriasis (GRAPPA)

  • National Institute for Clinical Excellence and the Scottish Intercollegiate Guidance Network (SIGN).



Modular recommendation for dermatology units (click to download)

Assessment and screening of Psoriatic Disease in Dermatology Clinics


A core element to the modular approach in the dermatology clinic is the patient completing the DLQI, and if not diagnosed with PsA, an annual PEST questionnaire.


Clinicial Assessment Pad

A DLQI tear-off pad has been created and is available to support the assessment process. These printed pads can be completed by patients in the waiting room ahead of their consultation with the specialist, please click on the image below to access a printable PDF.



Assessment Training Manual

For more information on the modular approach and how best to incorporate it into clinical practice please refer to the training manual linked below:
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