Outside In Materials

Clinical Assessment Tools

A selection of PsA assessment tools have been developed to support healthcare professionals accurately perform each of the clinical assessments. If you require an alternative format of these please contact your local AbbVie Account Specialist.


   Quick guide to PsA


   Full rheumatology assessment sheet


   Modular flow for rheumatology units


   Modular flow for dermatology units


   Assessment poster for rheumatology units


   Assessment poster for dermatology units


   66/68 score sheet








   PASI score sheet


   Patient goal setter 


   Enthesitis and Dactylitis Scoring Sheet 



Educational Training Aids

A selection of healthcare professional training materials have been developed to provide a step-by-step guide on how to accurately perform each of the assessments.


   Assessment Academy Training Manual


   Rheumatology: Assessing PsA PowerPoint presentation (60 minute workshop)


   Dermatology: Assessing PsA PowerPoint presentation (60 minute workshop)


   Cervical rotation


   Modified Schobers


   66/68 Joint count – Start to finish


   66/68 Joint count – Additional joint not found in DAS-28


   66/68 Joint count – Landmarks and Anatomy






   Dactylitis Assessment



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